Sandra Korka was born in Thessaloniki, Greece in 1973. After graduating from Anatolia College, the American high-school of Thessaloniki, Sandra studied Architecture at the University of Greenwich, London, UK. 
Returning back to Greece, she founded Square Design Interiors in 1996. In parallel and for a decade, she taught Interior Design at a local higher education institution delivering UK university courses.
Currently, the Square Design Interior's studio is located in London and has established strong international partnerships with the studio AlkyTECA in Catania, Italy and with the interior designer Anna Kovalchenko in Moscow, Russia.  
These partnerships, in addition to the cooperation with the creative studio of International Visual in London, UK contribute  in joining design perspectives and professional forces, in order to provide excellent executed projects in all countries. 
Square Design Interiors explores and applies interior and exterior architecture, focusing on  retail, residential and leisure projects. Services are provided either by composing a design scheme, or by combining the design with the project management and the construction works and the overall decoration and so, delivering the project as a finished and complete piece of work. 
The spaces created are totally bespoke and client oriented, following the Square Design Interiors principle of designing a space reflecting the clients' personality, based on their requirements and the need to fulfil their vision. 
Square Design Interiors travels, works and delivers projects all over Europe and provides a full e-design service with an exciting variety of design packages. 
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